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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Old Family Bible

Picture from Pinterest.
I see the old family Bible,
Sitting quietly on the table.
I look around at the old house,
As rough as a stable.
In the Bible's pages,
Are tucked pictures--memories,
I pick it up, old in my hands,
It's here--and I have the keys.
I open the family Bible,
The pages flip quietly,
I look down at the words,
Wanting to unlock the mystery,
I want to find the precious words,
That I was read long ago.
I wanted to read about the parable,
When the farmer did sow.
About some birds, I'm pretty sure,
It's something that Jesus told,
And I sat down at that table,
And studied that Bible of old.
The pages were worn from many a hand,
Creased from many a teardrop.
But I just kept flipping--flipping on,
At the parable I didn't stop.
I flipped through all the pages,
Some ripped by small children's hands,
And my own teardrops mingle on the page,
As I wonder what's happening to our lands.
That page and serenity of the old family Bible,
Is dying out in this harsh and cruel world.
Where God is forgotten and Jesus is sworn,
And where fates were forgotten unfurled.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

If you've followed....

....... then you're awesome.

If you're here...

....... then you're pretty cool.

If you've recommended us and followed....

........ then seriously, you rock!

I guess you could call this randomness.
Or I guess I could just admit to the fact that I just like changing font sizes.
Oh, yeah, I almost forget.
Guess what?!?!
Farm Girl is...
Going to be having a series on this blog!!!
I think.
You are, right??????????

Anyway, thanks for being here.
For being you.
For being awesome.
For like following!!! =D
And all that good stuff........ ;D

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Lots of cool pictures

Hey, guys!! I just found some cool pictures for ya!! ;D

I am awesome--said no horse ever. :P
I feel like somebody's behind me...
I wish I could paint like that....
This looks Swiss, no?
Somebody needs to make a button with this...
*door creaks open* *creepy music plays*...
COOLEST PICTURE EVER I AM HALF IN LOVE!!! =D (JK on the love part.... :P)
I'd love to live here. :)
God definitely knew what he was doing when he created horses!! :)
I will never stop searching for thee...
The conquest to the ends of the earth...
LOVE this one. :)
*so pretty*
My book? Please?? =D
Love love love this one! Anybody need a header?? :D
Ever since Tangled I've been in love with these. :)
And that's the last one. I promise. :)

Friday, November 2, 2012

Hey, guys!! :)

Hey, guys!!

This is Storyteller, and I'm so excited to be apart of this awesome corn-blog!!!! :) I hope you enjoy and maybe even follow!! :)

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Well, shucks, welcome to my blog, Corn in a Row! With the heart of a Farm Girl and the help of Storyteller, I've made a blog!!!! I hope you enjoy it!!! :)

~Farm Girl